Failing can help with self-development

Robert O’Hara , Staff Writer

We struggle to find happiness in our lives. This haunts us, destroys us, and makes our judgements imbalanced. This offset leads to bad judgments and denial in our lives. 

Unfortunately, life isn’t balanced and develops a tilted affect that moves in one direction, then in another, then in another. 

It falls in different directions, taking turns too fast and creating forward momentum that comes to a halt. It distracts us from our ambitions in life and what is truly important. Sometimes the challenges ahead prevent our ambitions from becoming a reality. This leaves us with thoughts of doubt and unknowing regret. 

 We don’t want to fail, even though failing is a part of growing oneself. A part of succeeding in life is gaining a sense of purpose, establishing a good support system, and creating an environment with positive influences where dreams become reality. We complete these actions by eating a cheeseburger or running a marathon, which ultimately gives us happiness even if it’s just for a moment. 

We set ourselves up for failure most of the time because we care too much about what people think even though that person is going through a similar situation in their life. We get blinded by the material things that are supposed to help us but in reality, they tear us down and create hurdles that are almost impossible to overcome. 

 School is challenging in many ways, for many people and discourages us from ever pursuing a college education or even attempting one. This doesn’t mean college is not for everyone or that not going is bad, it means that to create a safe mental and physical place we must change the way we think. 

There are many very successful people that have lived a full and meaningful life without having a lot of education. Being scared to do something doesn’t make it wrong and failing to complete something doesn’t make you a failure. It’s what we do after the fact that makes us who we are.  

Unfortunately, life isn’t fair most of the time, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Each day of failure means another shot at success. Many very successful people have started from nothing and rose to something. 

Never stop trying or let someone tell you you’re a failure. You fail because you are learning and growing to become a better person. 

You’re not perfect, and you’re never going to be. Failing is part of life but turning it around for something positive is what life should be about.