Cancel vs Accountability Culture

Consequences aren’t the same as censorship

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

Something that has been getting to the online and social media world is the surge of cancel culture and mob mentality happening on all sides of politics. It ranges from YouTubers to actors that can cost individual people and entire companies huge amounts of money.

The idea of censorship and canceling people based on politics and faith is nothing new. A few decades ago, socialists were rounded up in witch hunts, and even now we see people of all beliefs being canceled by some group or another. One must remember there is a difference between being de-platformed and having the right of free speech which is something that we as a nation have dealt with since the beginning.

This and many other issues are problems I want to bring attention to. In many ways, we need to learn to respect others’ views and not start mobs over personal beliefs, but instead know what the right places are to have certain conversions. As well as not turning our views into aggressive platforms.

But the big thing to remember is that there is a difference in holding someone accountable for their behavior and losing their platform and having their free speech taken away.

I look at pop culture and social media and see a mixed bag of people being intolerant of other’s political and spiritual beliefs. Along with hate speech and damaging views making people money. It just shows that companies like YouTube, no matter how ‚Äúprogressive” they are, don’t care much about what their content is as long as viewership is up.

Freedom of speech is a very complex thing that is impossible to legislate. Gina Carano, who is an actress whose work I enjoy, spouted some very incorrect and downright idiotic stuff on social media.

She was fired, without warning, by Disney, who has done some very shady and idiotic things as a company in recent years. Disney has many company policies that heavily support cancel culture.

The point is, there are times when we as nation need to decide when someone is just being a moron and when we should consider serious de-platforming.

I must also say this, I feel we as a culture have taken to the soap box and have virtue signaled ourselves too much on social media and just need to agree to disagree or ignore things and focus on ourselves and those close to us. Focus on the real social issues that are killing and destroying people’s lives.

If we did this, I think there would be a lot less bullying and division in the world we live in.