Good Discounts through Groupon

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

I like good discounts. The idea of paying less than the original price makes me feel good even if I may only save a little. It was a few years ago when I first heard about “Groupon.” My sister-in-law said that she used it for some event, so I decided to check out this website. It is full of discounts in various categories. Food, travel, spa, goods, and you name it, it is there. Different location has different deals, and the bigger the city is, the more deals there are around the area. Madison, Wisconsin may not have as much as Chicago, Illinois, but it has a plenty of deals to try.

I personally have purchased restaurant, activity, and getaway Groupons. Most of them are at least 40% off, and I was able to snag some of the deals as over 80% off. The website has its own extra discounts, which makes some of the Groupon deals even cheaper. I never had issues using Groupons at a restaurant and local activities, but I read some reviews saying that they had issues. However, their customer service is really nice and is quick to take care of refunds or answer the questions. I purchased a restaurant Groupon before the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Groupon allowed to extend the deadline for a few months so I could use them.

I have only used getaway Groupon when I traveled within the United States. It was just a hotel for a few nights, and I was a little bit more nervous about it than local restaurant and activity deals. I remember talking to the Groupon customer service to triple check for my reservation. However, it worked out just like the rest of Groupon deals. There are also getaway deals including airfare and hotels, and I personally have no idea how that would be like, but I believe that they will be fine just like my hotel Groupon. It is always important to double check with the Groupon customer service about the trip just like when you are booking trips.

Overall, my experience with Groupon has been fantastic. I have tried restaurants and activities that I normally would not do, but it gave me an opportunity to try them. In my mind, if they are bad, I am paying less at least. However, most of the experiences were fantastic. It is a little bit more tricky with the current pandemic, but I suggest to check out Groupon and see if what deals are around you.