The legendary story of Costco Hot Dog since 1985

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

With inflation and prices constantly rising, can you believe that the price of something has not changed over the past 35 years? The price of Costco’s hot dog has been the same $1.50 price since 1985. Yes, that is not a typo. For $1.50, you can have a big beef hot dog and unlimited fountain drink. I have seen a bag of small chips costs more than $1.50. So, if you are looking for a deal, stop by the Costco. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, this amazing deal is still happening.

I just went to Costco a couple days ago to enjoy the famous hot dog. You can ask for ketchup and mustard and the staff there will give you a separate container for each sauce. When I asked for onion, the staff told me that they do not give out onions anymore. I actually knew this because I have not seen onion dispensers even before the pandemic. Some people may remember that there used to be onion dispensers where people could get chopped onions for their hot dogs. Some newer customers may not see it because it has been gone for a while. What happened? Costco got rid of it because some people have been taking too much onion. Some even brought bags to take the onion away in surplus.

As a result, Costco decided to get rid of onion dispensers. However, the big juicy beef hot dog is still tasty without onion. It is one of the better hot dogs that I have eaten in my life. In the last issue I talked about how amazing the Costco rotisserie chicken is and its popularity on Facebook. The Costco hot dog may not be as well-known on social media, but it still has around 3,000 fans on Facebook.

Why so cheap? Apparently, the Costco co-founder insisted to keep the price this low. The company has even lost revenue by selling hot dogs and sodas for this cheap. However, just like the chicken, it is a great way to attract customers into the Costco doorstep. Also, the customers feel good after spending so little on the hot dog after spending hundreds of dollars’ worth of shopping at Costco.

In the end, Costco is still making profits. However, this feel-good gesture in the form of a low-priced hot dog makes customers happy after shopping and urges them to come back for another trip. I cannot wait for my next visit to get another hot dog!