Focus on taking care of yourself this winter season

Eimy Gonzalez, News Editor

Winter can be a gratifying season. The contagious joy of the holidays it homes encourages acts of kindness and reciprocity while spreading awe with the beauty of snow fall, warm fires, and sweet hot cocoa. Nevertheless, winter can also be a tough season to endure. With the changes in the landscape, weather and the adjustments of sunlight, the body, mind, and spirit are greatly impacted. These changes have consequences in the basic functions of any human being, the cold and lack of sunlight can provoke anxiety, feelings of isolation and/or depression. It can become overwhelming for anyone.

To go beyond just surviving the wintery months and actually begin to look forward to them, it is important to adjust the routines we are comfortable with and innovate them with a self-care program conducive to maintaining a personal well-being. Even more so now, considering COVID-19 restrictions.

Everyone is different and has unique preferences as to what activities to be engaged with throughout the day. It is crucial to follow one’s personal likings when determining a self-care routine and avoid suggestions that do not seem appealing. It is about genuinely enjoying and taking advantage of the environment. However, there are basic needs that all self-care routines need to implement such as keeping hydrated, eating healthy, getting sufficient sleep, and, of course, making enough time to relax.

Relaxing is an entire world unto itself, there are innumerable activities that belong to just this one category. Such like exercising, from which more activities can derive from, enough to at least satisfy the liking of every single person. It can vary from a relax walk, enjoying nature and the sunlight, to nerve thrilling snowboarding. It does not matter what pastime it is, in the end it is all about feeling healthy and well.

Once the basics have been satisfied, mental health is another important concern to address within a self-care routine. With the natural isolation that winter forces upon us, and now facing an ongoing pandemic, it certainly becomes a priority to care for something so important. Beginning therapy is always a promising idea, especially now that it becomes easier to do meetings from home and not worry about weather impediments. Furthermore, keeping a journal to empty thoughts in or reaching out to family members and friends work just as well. At this point, taking advantage of the technology is the way to go. Scheduling meetings, setting up virtual activities, or just go for a simple heart-warming phone call or an old fashion letter.

Then, if in doubt, it is worth trying and experiencing different things; Cooking or baking, painting, crafts, reading a book or listening to your favorite music while singing along can go a long way. There is no limit to the opportunities available to do the best for yourself.

Considering the needs to stay healthy and creating a self-care calendar to follow each activity helps immensely with staying on track and reach the desirable results. By giving self-care an opportunity, enjoying winter and any season will become inherent.