Outdoor Activities to Keep you Busy During the Pandemic

Adeline Holte , Staff Writer

2020 seems to be the year of trying new things from the comfort of your own home. While bread baking and whipped coffee seemed to be the trend for the summer, what can you try for the winter of 2020?

In the winter, we often feel cooped up, restless or just plain sad. And with the pandemic going on, we can expect this winter to feel that way even more. Instead of letting it get us down, we can try some new things to cheer it up and get you outside and away from that cramped winter feeling. Here are some fun and safe ways you can enjoy the winter outdoors during the pandemic:

Ski. Whether cross country, or downhill, skiing is a fun and safe way to enjoy your winter while social distancing! Skiing a great way to get out of the house while staying safe from COVID-19. And, with the options of both downhill and cross country, you’re never stuck on one thing.

Hike or walk. An activity that is somehow relaxing and gets your blood pumping. You can even do it right out your front door or find a hike nearby where you can enjoy nature. The options of where to walk or hike are endless and safe.

Create art! Something very fitting for the pandemic-vibe. There are so many cool and easy crafts to make using natural elements, like leaves, branches and berries. I can see wreath-making becoming a new pandemic activity. And you can find everything on a hike or walk.

Bird watch. Although it may not be your thing, 2020 seems to be the year of trying something new. Bird watching is a fun and relaxing way to get outside, while being educational.

Scavenger hunt. With friends or alone. Write a list of things to find on a hike or walk, or even in your backyard and search! Don’t come back until you’ve gotten everything. You can even do it over zoom or get people to join virtually from their own homes. Or all on your own.

Build something. Just like us, animals need food and shelter. If you know or have a place where you can set up a bird bath, bird feeder, or animal feeder, then you can make your own! There are plenty of online tutorials on how to make these, and you get to spend time outside while helping the animals.

Stargaze. Yes, it may be cold, but sometimes getting as bundled as you can and going to look at the constellations can be a big mood booster. You can make it even more fun by trying to spot the different constellations.

Have an outdoor photoshoot. What better way to get outside than to do a cute winter photoshoot? You can set up a camera or have someone take your photo and give yourself your own outdoor shoot. Not only will you get cute pictures, but you also get to spend a little time in the fresh air.

We may not know how long the pandemic will last, but we do know how long winter lasts. So, why not try and make the most of it?