Toss the old salad, it’s national clean your fridge day 

Anica Graney , Editor-in-Chief 

Clean your fridge out. It’s dirty and there’s a tub of moldy yogurt that’s been sitting in the back corner for the last three months. If not today, you should at least take advantage of National Clean Your Fridge Day on Nov. 15. It even falls on a Sunday which means you probably aren’t doing anything anyway. Even if you’re Christian, I’m sure God won’t mind you dumping that tub of moldy yogurt that stinks up to the high heavens on the Sabbath.  

I know that cleaning isn’t something that anyone looks forward to, but just like taxes and just like calling your mom at least once a month, it must be done. Begin with sorting out what’s fresh, what’s expired, and what’s definitely expired. Keep the fresh, ditch the definitely expired, and smell the expired while contemplating whether you have time for possible food poisoning this week. After that, get your favorite disinfectant and wipe your fridge down from top to bottom, inside to outside; make your fridge feel as though it’s been violated with how good you clean it.  

Now organize the contents of your fridge. Dairy in one corner, fruits in another, the bag of baby carrots you switch out every two weeks without ever opening in the vegetable drawer, everything has its proper place. This step is especially crucial because if you’re anything like me, once I get home from shopping and haul all my groceries inside, organization isn’t something I pay too much attention to when I’ve got an unopened package of Oreos staring me down.  

National Clean Your Fridge Day only happens once a year, but we all know that the holiday should actually be celebrated at least bi-annually. A way to eliminate this need is to be realistic with your shopping. Don’t become all healthy and organic at the store because we all know that you’re not going to reach for the kale for your midnight snack and it’ll end up rotting away next to the bag of baby carrots and tub of yogurt.  

With that being said, go forth and enjoy National Clean Your Fridge Day to the fullest of your extent. We all know it needs it.