The media is not your enemy 

Kaleia Lawrence , Opinion Editor

Why do people see “the media” as their enemy?  

The other day I saw a t-shirt that read “Defund the Media.” I thought that maybe it was satire, but all the supportive comments proved me wrong.  

Calling for the defunding of the media is ridiculous. So much of the media is already underfunded. Local newspapers are dying all across the United States. There are areas now known as “news deserts” where there is only one, or no local newspapers. This is a huge problem. While local newspapers might not report everything, they report the news that is important to the community.   

The average hourly wage for a journalist in the US is $14.91, according to PayScale. This is not big bucks. It’s also not likely to be a starting wage for very many. Many news companies hire interns that work for the experience, not for wages. 

These people are not your enemies. There is no need for vitriolic criticism to your local news reporters.  

So let’s look at the bigger picture. Is it the big, bad news companies that you should be afraid of? No. Watchful of? Yes.   

No news company, or any company, is above making mistakes. Not one will be perfect, so it’s important to rely on many different sources for your news. Always fact check everything that you read. This will take time, but it’s no cause for fear. It’s just cause for you to be more attuned to the news that you’re hearing and making sure that you aren’t sharing false information.   

Fear often comes from a lack of understanding. Don’t be afraid of the media, just take the time to understand it.