Looking forward to a brighter tomorrow

Casey Anderson, Opinions Editor

Things may seem a little bleak right now. We are in unknown territory, and it is scary. Life feels routine while we are all stuck inside, trying to keep up with school and the news. But, fortunately, some things will go on despite this pandemic. Here are some things all of us can look forward to.

Soon the weather will warm up! The trees have already begun budding, and if you step outside, I can guarantee you will hear plenty of birds singing. Dandelions are popping up, and soon your dad will probably ask you to go mow the lawn. Nature has not stopped amongst this pandemic – summer is closer than you think.

With warming weather comes fresher fruits. This is a great time to sign up for a CSA or “Community Supported Agriculture.” Madison has tons of options for different CSAs where you can receive boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables of your choosing. Eating well can be difficult during this time, but the fruits will only be getting fresher and riper for us to enjoy!

As we all stay inside, the hope is that things will become safer and safer to resume into normality. The upside is we are at the worst peak right now. Right now, the world is enduring the worst of it. Normality will slowly assimilate back into our lives with safer measures. 

New art is also a wonderful thing to be looking forward to right now. With the whole world pushed behind closed doors, a creativity spark is inevitable. People are creating crafts, paintings, videos, new songs, and new ideas. Innovation and creativity are instilled in all of us–what will you do with yours?