Unique Activities to do During Quarantine

Anica Graney, Managing Editor

Almost a month into quarantine and I’m sure we’ve all exhausted every avenue of things to do to keep us occupied.

I have taken the liberty upon myself to create a list of unique activities to do during quarantine, and I would like to stress the word unique as there are plenty of “what to do during quarantine” lists out there on the internet. I can assure you that there is no other list like this anywhere else in the world.

  • Master the art of threading a string through a needle.
  • Eat some grass. You haven’t done this since kindergarten, maybe it tastes better now that you’re older.
  • Wear your retainer like your orthodontist said.
  • Give Nickleback another chance. They really weren’t that bad.
  • Leave your siblings door open after you told them dinner was ready.
  • Give yourself bangs. What could go wrong?
  • Dunk vanilla wafers in lemonade. Trust me on this one.
  • Stare into space and think about that one embarrassing thing you did that one time. Cringe at your past self. Hope that no one else remembers what happened.
  • Grow a mustache. No excuses, ladies.
  • Hug a chicken. They want to be loved too.
  • Bring back the cinnamon challenge. Because we never learned our lesson the first time.
  • Kill a queen ant. Take over the colony. Become the ant mother.
  • Get to know your friendly, everyday telemarketer.
  • Contribute to the millennial movement of killing the doorbell industry.
  • Rearrange the keys on your keyboard so they’re alphabetical.