Staying focused during this pandemic

Casey Anderson, Opinions Editor

Amongst all this turmoil, it can be incredibly difficult to stay focused on academics. Some are worrying about where their next source of income will be coming from, if a family member will get sick, or what other changes in our lives this pandemic will bring. But there is one stable, constant factor in our lives: college. I know I am not the only one who seems to have, well, lost track of school. I am endlessly thankful that assignments on Blackboard do not disappear after their due dates. Lord have mercy on my grades. But, I know we can all do things to help normalize our lives a bit.

This can be hard, but start back into a routine. It is so tempting to sleep in until the afternoon each day. Don’t even get me started on a Tempur-Pedic mattress. But, sleeping in only lags you. It is one of those things in life that feels good in the moment, but soon comes back to haunt you. Set an alarm each morning for the same time–create that routine for your body to fall back into. Trust me, it will brighten your mood and soon you will be waking up feeling a bit more energized. But maybe just…five more minutes.

Go to your online lectures and participate. The silence when the professor asks how you all are, and everyone has their microphone muted and cameras off, is deafening. Switch yours off and ask your professor how they are–they are people, too. Ask the questions that pop up in your brain and attend the virtual office hours–your professor will appreciate the effort and you will feel just a bit more normal. 

Keep in touch with the classmates you met this semester. Exchange Snapchats and phone numbers. I miss talking to my classmates when I should have been listening (uh oh.) This pandemic has taken a lot from us already, do not let it ruin your chance to make new friends, too. Plus, you can ask each other homework questions if you do not want to go to virtual office hours (see above)!