Letter from the Editor

Tessa Morhardt, Editor in Chief

I know things have been very hard for all of us these past few weeks. Days have turned into weeks and it sometimes feels like things are never going to end.

We all need to continue to keep our heads up high and continue with positive thoughts and energy. I know it has been hard to keep your mind in the right zone, but we all have to continue to try.

I myself have been struggling to stay positive. Things have become very depressing and have become very hard for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I continue to push myself and have people keep me in check to keep pushing.

It’s OK to have a day to sulk, but the next one you have to find motivation to continue on. If you do one thing each and every day to get you towards your goal, after a couple of days you will notice how much farther you have come than you think.

If you don’t believe anyone is there for you just know that there are so many people including me that are there for you. Spreading positivity will only bring more positivity. Just know that you are doing great and that you aren’t alone. You are doing amazing.

We will get through these tough times together and everything will work out in the end. We all have to continue to stick together through this and stay positive.