A bittersweet end of the semester due to virus

Casey Anderson, Opinion Editor

I doubt many of the graduating class was expecting last week to be their last time walking out of Madison College’s campuses as a student. For some, that may be relieving and celebratory. Hey, saving on gas money, right? Not too shabby of a deal.

But for many others, including myself, it is heart wrenching and bittersweet.

The Clarion staff, although what you see of us is precisely wrapped up into a few AP styled pages, is a family. We spend our time writing for you, playing harmless (most of the time…) pranks on each other, laughing in the office, and getting to know each other, well, way too well.

It breaks my heart to think that just last week, it was our last time walking out of a school that has brought so many unexpected friendships that will soon be stretched over state borders, and memories that drift into a sleepy head, resting on a pillow.

I know we are all sick of hearing news regarding the coronavirus. I know that online classes will most definitely suck. The technology we’ve all had our eyes glued to for years, will be encompassing and becoming a vessel for our education, and that is not ideal.

This whole situation has made many of us realize that school is not what we have always made it out to be. It is more than just homework, or an annoyance that forces you to drag yourself out of bed, a sleep-thief.

School may cause a few pains, I will admit that. But school gives more than it takes.

School gives friendships – even the small ones that never leave the classroom walls, yet give you a friend who makes you smile in class.

School gives time to explore yourself – a plethora of classes, each taught by a professor who is eager to help you learn just a bit more about the world we live in.

School gives a home – a home that many of us treasure and find comfort in, though we hardly realize it while we are there.

And we have had a lot of that taken away from us because of this virus.

But do not let this virus rob you of the rest of your education.

Tune into your online classes and crack open that dusty textbook when you should. Email or call your professors with questions when you have them. Stay curious and diligent.

Your education is still available and waiting for you, even though it may be through a screen.

And, bonus – now we can learn in our pajamas.