Vacation is overrated, spend spring break the way you want at home

Tessa Morhardt, Editor in Chief

Spring break is coming up quick and most people already seem to have their spring break trips planned.

Well, not me. I plan on reorganizing, decluttering, working, and, most importantly, spending time with my family. 

I know spring break is supposed to be a time to take a step back from all the stress and chaos found in daily life, but there are other alternatives to accomplishing that other than going on a trip.

Usually, every spring I declutter my life. They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing.

I start by making lists of all of the things that I need to go through, one of the first things being my closet (YIKES!), and end up spending time with my family on the weekend.

Decluttering your life lifts weights off of your shoulders and you will no doubt feel more energized and ready to take on the rest of the semester. Each task you complete gets you motivated to tackle the next one on your list.

There is more to spring break than just reorganizing and decluttering, though.

You can take a hike at a state park near you, relax and have a movie marathon day, catch up on homework that you have been putting off, take a girl’s trip and go shopping, start a garden (weather permitting, of course), go for a run, or even do a DIY day with your friends.

There are so many other ways to spend spring break other than going on a trip, so don’t feel like you’ve been left behind when others post about their pre-summer tan. In fact, you might be able to feel a step ahead once school starts up again.