Yes, spring really is on its way

Mandy Scheuer, Office Manager

Does this seem familiar? You parked in the far lot on Anderson Street. You get out of your car, and it is frigid. You bundle up, lock the car and put on your backpack that has at least two binders and one big textbook.

Once you are ready to brave the cold, you take a short walk to wait for the light to change so you can safely cross the street, but not before nearly slipping on a patch of ice that is now covered in snow. Once you cross the street, you walk down a mini staircase and walk around the Health Building.

The wind is blowing, and you regret not bringing along a scarf. You are almost there when you slip on a random patch of ice and land on your bottom, hard.

Someone asks if you are all right and you nod and get helped up by a caring stranger.

Finally! You are inside where it is warm. But, now you have to find a place to put your hat and gloves. Now you are starting to regret putting so much stuff in your backpack since you are having a hard time finding a temporary home for your hat and gloves.

The first day of spring is March 19. I have already been counting down the days since the start of February. Seeing the snow and walking around in the chilly weather has really been getting old. It is actually quite challenging to not lose hope when spring seems so far away. Winter only lasts for three months, but it seems like it is a never-ending season. Snow, ice, brutal cold, repeat.

I am looking forward to so many things once spring is here. Some of them are taking walks in the sunshine, listening to the birds singing, smelling the newly bloomed flowers, seeing all the pretty trees in bloom and feeling the grass underneath my feet while I walk.

That being said, I am trying to appreciate aspects of winter. I do love seeing the first fresh layer of snow on the ground. It is pretty when the snow sparkles off of the sun. I also like seeing the mysterious animal tracks that are made on the snow. One of my favorite sights is seeing a male Northern Cardinal perched in a tree that has snow on it. The male cardinals are so brilliantly red that they stand out against the snow.

Still, with winter’s end seeming so far off, you can escape the frigid temperatures and snow by picturing your favorite warm and sunny places. Although I have not been there in person, I love dreaming about Costa Rica and Australia. Costa Rica sounds great because of the tropical environment and Australia because I have always wanted to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

Hang in there. Before long, we all will be enjoying happy, sunny spring days!