Celebrities deserve time to grieve, too

Tessa Morhardt, Editor in Chief

Losing a loved one is a sensitive subject. I have lost many and it doesn’t get any easier when another passes. I can’t imagine thought being a celebrity or an influencer in today’s era and having a loved one pass.

When Gigi and Kobe Bryant passed away, news spread fast. The Bryant family had all of these different news media outlets to deal with as well as all of the social media outlets.

Celebrities don’t get the same level of privacy as a normal person.

I can’t imagine how Kobe’s wife, Vanessa Laine Bryant, felt considering how overwhelming all the attention must have been.

She and her family never had the time to grieve as a normal person would. Where is there the time and space to breathe and take care of yourself in the celebrity spotlight?

In situations like these, it’s important that we recognize there are times in which we should treat celebrities as regular human beings. They have feelings and are living a stressful life just like the rest of us.

I feel as if though we need to treat them as if they were just like any other person.

Give them the same grieving time and let them decide when it is the best time to start opening up about their loved one’s death. Let them have a few human moments so they don’t have to deal with more chaos then they need to.

Everyone tends to grieve differently.

Being surrounded by friends and family is good, but it is OK to take some time to be by yourself and let all your feelings and emotions out. Life is hard when everything comes down on you all at once and life feels like it’s going against you.

It is good to know that you do have support and back up when you need it. It may seem as if your world is falling apart, but you are strong enough to get through these hard times.