Graduation is fast approaching

Tessa Morhardt, Editor in Chief

Week three of the semester has already started, and the feeling of it being the last semester of my at Madison College really hit me hard. The last semester. Graduation is fast approaching, and I’m  reaching the end of a chapter of life.

It really hit home as I was stressing about all the things I have to do this semester: look for an actual job, try to finish all of these last projects for the portfolio show, and figure out what my next steps in life are.

As I sit here and write, I look back at all of the opportunities that this school has given me and all the amazing people that I have met and connected with along the way.

I am beyond grateful for what this school has given me, and I hope you feel the same way.

During my time here I’ve had amazing teachers, met great friends, made lasting memories, and have gone through many stressful times that made me realize that if I can get through what I was going through then, I can get through anything in life.

School may be stressful, but it is a time to really transform into who you are. This is the time to really get your name out there and show people what your worth is. People will find out exactly who you are and will want to know more.

I can still remember the first day I walked into The Clarion office. The advisor Doug Kirchberg welcoming me in and introducing me to everyone.

From then on, everyone that I had met made me feel more and more at home. They brought me in as though I was family and I can’t thank them enough because I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

It really is the little things in life that make the biggest differences. A simple hello can make the hardest goodbyes.

I really will miss being at this college after I graduate. I’ll miss my professors that continually pushed me to succeed and showed me that it is OK to be different. I’ll miss The Clarion staff that will forever be my family. I’ll miss getting a good morning and a goodbye hug from Rhoda McKinney who has really given me the inspiration to be happy and to have an amazing day.

Will I cry when it’s the last day of school and on graduation day? No doubt about it. They will be both happy and sad tears because this college has turned me into the best person I can be, and I will forever be grateful.