Resolve not to give up

Only make resolutions that are simple, empowering


Tribune News Service

New Year’s resolutions can be overwhelming. Just keep things simple and don’t give up to achieve your goals.

Casey Anderson, Opinion Editor

Oh man, I know we have all been there before. “This new year, I’m going to work out every morning! Like, for real this time!” You start out ecstatic for this new change, a new, improved ‘you’ this year, a you that wants to show everyone what you are made of.

But…7.A.M. flashes across your mercilessly beeping alarm clock, and, well, would it not be nice to sleep in just a little bit longer…? Just five minutes longer…

It’s the afternoon. F***, you did it again. We’ve all been there, but it keeps happening day after day. You promised yourself it would be different this year, that you could keep your resolutions. So, here are some small tips to help you.

1. Write down your resolution. I know we all think we are the type of person that will remember what we need to get at the grocery store, but as soon as we step into those sliding doors, we are headed for the chip aisle (and that is usually exactly what I intend to buy…) Writing down what you need to do for each day is a true lifesaver. It brings your resolution into concrete reality, which will encourage you to follow through with it. If you write down your resolution, put it somewhere you will see every day, like a mirror. You will be sure to be encouraged and reminded of that promise you made.

2. Ask your friends to hold you accountable. If your friends are not making the same resolution as you, then ask them to hold you accountable for your resolution. Sometimes, our own motivation is not enough, that is okay. It is wonderful to have friends, family, and loved ones who care enough to make sure you follow through with your words. They can encourage you and even accompany you on working towards a resolution, bettering the both of you.

3. Keep a journal about the changes you are experiencing. By keeping a journal, you can hold yourself accountable for working on your resolution. You can keep track of your progress, how you feel, and what you want to improve on. Then, at the end of the year, you can look back at how much you have grown!

4. Keep your resolution simple. I totally understand wanting to take the world by storm and do everything you have always wanted to do at once. Each year, I find myself promising too much to myself and those around me. But that is not fair to any of us. It is okay to take life in small chunks. Make your resolution simple so that it does not overwhelm you, and is attainable. Your resolution should not terrify you in its entirety before you even begin working on it! Your resolution should make you feel empowered and enabled, not paralyzed or overwhelmed.