Save the MATC pool

Letter to the Editor

Buried in the minutes of the June 5, 2019, Madison Area Technical College District Board meeting was the proposed FY19/20 Capital Remodel Project – Athletics, Physical Education, Locker Rooms, and Fitness Center. It states that “this project will address recommendations from the Facilities Master Plan by provided expanded and improved locker rooms, additional spaces for athletes, officials, and visiting teams; improved classroom and instructional space; and an expanded Fitness Center. In order to meet these needs, the college will have to infill the existing pool.”

This is the most short-sighted decision I have witnessed in a long time. In other words, MATC will no longer have any swimming facility. It is hard to believe that they approved the destruction of one of the finest indoor, 25-yard, six-lane pools in the Madison area simply for locker space. Swimming is an Olympic sport. It is one of the finest forms of exercise available.

I am a retired individual who depends on the pool to swim at three times a week, year-round. Clearly, looking at the individuals at the meeting, there was no one to represent the pool. There are a lot of stakeholders of this pool and we are not going to take this closing lying down.

Martin Knapp-Cordes