Nicotine in vaping pods at higher levels than cigarettes



A woman smokes an e-cigarette. (File photo)

Amara Gobermann, Managing Editor

Vaping isn’t that bad right? Wrong. There are a lot more health concerns that are not being shared openly with the public and to younger generations.

We see multiple ways to vape now, there are juuls, small vapes with no button to push, big vapes with multiple buttons. We also have a huge variety of vape juice and levels of nicotine in them.

I have of course shared my curiosity in vaping, and have purchased my own vape. From my own experience it is fun to blow smoke around and do cool tricks, it also can be satisfying to get the known “head rush.”

Personally I have gotten nicotine poisoning and so anything with nicotine I feel sick and specifically nauseous.

Obviously this is not everyone’s experience and many people find relief from smoking. But this is how addiction starts. We get relief from whatever is stressing us or making us feel anything but happy.

This younger generation I think is under the impression that vaping is better than smoking actual cigarettes. Honestly it’s worse.

The amount of nicotine concentration in vape juice and juul pods are the same as a whole pack of cigarettes. People are inhaling more than the body can even take, regardless of the smoking method they are choosing.

Just to give a few real world examples, there has been cases on the news of people having holes in their lungs because of vaping. I have actually had a friend say her sister developed asthma because of her vaping habits. People have lost their lives because of this addiction.

Vaping not being as bad as cigarettes is a misconception, and we need to advertise to our youth all the risk they are taking by going along with societal norms.

Smoking should not be a norm to help stress, and it is an addiction that needs to be taken seriously.