Don’t be afraid to get your flu vaccination


Tessa Morhardt / Clarion

Nursing students have been helping provide free flu shots on campus to students, staff and faculty throughout the month of October. Getting your flu shot is a great way to protect your health and that of others.

Krista Olson-Lehman, Staff Writer

Each year the Center for Disease Control puts out warnings about influenza. In response, workplaces, pharmacies and even campuses like Madison College offer up free or reduced-price flu shots for people heading into flu season.

Many people will scoff and say they don’t need a flu shot. Some think the flu shot makes them sick.

One of the most important aspects of the flu shot isn’t just protecting yourself from extended illness: herd immunity helps keep everyone healthy.

While most college students tend to be healthy, we all share our lives with others who might be more susceptible to have complications from the flu. Almost every single person in school probably shares a classroom, workspace or home with someone 65 or older, a person with a chronic illness like diabetes or asthma, young children or babies under 6 months of age, someone who has cancer or an organ donor or recipient.

Protecting yourself against the flu and bolstering herd immunity helps those around you who are too sick to get the flu shot themselves.

Taking the time to get your flu shot can literally be life or death for others around you. Sometimes even young healthy people can suffer influenza complications that can put them in the hospital.

Do yourself and those around you a favor, go get your flu shot! It’s offered free on campus during October. See the Madison College website to find a day and campus near you to receive your free flu shot. If you miss that opportunity, you can still visit the campus GHC Clinic and schedule one.