Climate change becomes hot topic

Kaleia Lawrence , Staff Writer

Climate change. Global warming. Just reading those words may have turned you away from finishing this article. What is one more whiny young adult shouting into the void going to say that you have already heard, right?

Short and simple as those words might be, they can ignite a spark in many people. There are those who are uncomfortable with the subject, or who shove it aside with a “bah humbug those darn liberals.”

No matter your walk of life, it affects everyone.

With Greta Thunberg’s recent speech to the UN, people are starting to see the emotions that are ignited by this issue. It is a real issue – a problem that can and will affect every person.

We as individuals have a certain duty to do what we can for future generations. Some people mock those who do not use straws saying they do it just to save the turtles, but we must start somewhere. How can people make fun of those who stop using straws, then wonder why it is so warm out in the middle of winter in the same breath?

While there are actions that we as residents of the Earth can do, we are not entirely to blame. Fingers can be pointed at large corporations and the government in general.

Just recently, there were strikes and walkouts to petition governments to be active in the issue of climate change. With these strikes, people are advocating for the government to act.

Even during the previous presidential election, climate change and strategies to combat it were not a large focus. What is the point in arguing about abortion if there might not be a livable world for those kids who will or will not be born?

The walkouts show that this is something that needs to be discussed urgently, especially with another presidential election coming up.

There are little things that we as individuals can do:

People can contact government leaders. Letters, emails, texts are all avenues that you can use to let your voice be heard. Do not be afraid to ruffle feathers among your peers. Talking about these issues can open eyes and give another perspective.

Sometimes, people will push aside what they hear on the news because it does not affect them but are willing to reconsider something if someone they love cares about it.

Maybe my words will not change what you think or how you feel, but maybe it will.

The Earth is headed toward cataclysmic change, and humans are to blame. It is time to take on the responsibility that should have been put on the shoulders of many past generations.

This issue can no longer be ignored if we want to shape a world that is livable for our future children.