5 priorities we like on the mayor’s agenda


Britni Petitt, Photographer

Every mayor brings a new agenda when they take office. Here are five things Madison’s new Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway has pledged to tackle that I believe are important.

1. Storm Water Management

Make sure our infrastructure and operations are prepared for our changing climate by installing rain gardens and other green solutions, retaining and increasing tree canopy, and offering technical and financial assistance to properties that want to install rain barrels, rain gardens, and other solutions that keep rain out of storm drains.

2. Transportation

Maintaining all our transportation infrastructure: streets, sidewalks, bike paths, and buses. Provide transit to key employment areas for folks who don’t work 9-5’s, and keep it affordable.

3. Prepare for
Climate Change

Expand access to good walking and bike paths and improve bus connectivity to key employers and destinations. Reduce food waste and materials to landfills by investing in large scale organic composting through bio-digestion.

4. Housing

Preserve existing affordable housing and improve its quality. Renters are stru ggling to find affordable options, homeowners are struggling with rising property taxes, and homelessness is on the rise.

5. Organic and Local Foods

Support urban agriculture projects, including on city property. Support local food economy by creating a cross-docking food terminal where local farmers can connect with restaurants, institutions, and grocery stores to sell their products.