Happiness is within your reach

Take steps to take control of your personal resolutions 

Photo illustration depicting reaching for happiness.


Photo illustration depicting reaching for happiness.

Amara Gobermann, Managing Editor

Every year, people make generic New Year’s resolutions. “I’m going to the gym five days a week,” or “I am cutting off all the toxic people in my life,” or even “I am going vegan this year!”

They may be good resolutions, but not the most realistic ones. 

I don’t usually make resolutions because I know that by next year I won’t even remember what I wanted to accomplish. 

This year, though, I have made a unique New Year’s resolution, and by breaking it down into steps I think it will be possible to achieve.

My New Year’s resolution is to live a happier life. 

We live in this new culture of self-pity, especially online. To start my happier life, I finally deleted the app Instagram off of my phone. 

I deleted it about month or two ago, and just that minor change it made a big difference for me. I don’t look for verification that I am “cool” or “get enough likes.” I also turned off all my notifications for social media, now I don’t feel anxious checking my phone waiting for someone to snap me. 

Once my social media life was under control, I could plan for all the things I need to physically do in my daily life to make me happy. Every month, I planned what I will consistently do every day or every week to make new habits. 

I have heard that if you do something for 30 days straight it becomes a habit. If you do things month by month, then you have created multiple new healthy habits, which creates a happier life for you in the long run. 

Some of the short-term goals I created for each month are things like: gym five days a week for one month, next month start a face wash routine that works for me, the month after that focus on my diet and eating healthy foods, and so on. 

I believe this is a great way of breaking down your big goal, or your New Year’s resolution.

A resolution is just a goal, and we have to have short-term goals to reach our ultimate goal. My ultimate goal is happiness, but I can’t just decide that and expect 2019 to be just be full of happiness for me. I have to put in work, you have to put in work. 

In the end it’s always worth it.