Holiday commercials can warm the heart

Mel Acosta, Opinion Editor

It’s strange the love/hate relationship that occurs between us and commercials. Generally, we hate them. But as the seasons change, so do our feelings – and the way companies produce them. They become more like mini stories, that happen to have subtle promotion, than anything else.

Whether that’s because of their sentimental roots or beautiful cinematography (or even just the magic of the season) we ultimately all sit through, thoroughly enjoy, and even think about them hours after they’ve played.

Everything goes back to bringing in that warm and familiar feeling of the holiday spirit.

A lot of people feel like sometimes the true meaning of the holidays has disappeared, that we’re all just lost in the capitalism without knowing it. While commercials are promoting products, they’re also sharing a story.

During the holidays it’s clear it’ll be one full of hope, love, or selflessness. It’s easy for a company to make their products feel like more than just that. We appreciate holiday commercials because they incorporate all of the best parts of holiday movies, but in a fraction of the time. The highlights of holiday movies include their knack for bringing the soft feelings out. These full story board ads have that same general affect.

Specifically, this year, the animated shorts have been dominating the industry. Aldi’s has released a commercial in which a carrot goes through a full Christmas story in one quick minute.

Consumers are non-stop talking about Aldi’s and Kevin the Carrot because of its precious storyline and quirky version of “Twas The Night Before Christmas.”

Even the few displays of dialogue are humorous. It’s a literal film in the smallest amount of time. Although the actual logo is not displayed until the final seconds and it’s not an obvious ad for a grocery store, it hits. All this marketing revolves around the primary emotions that are welcomed during the cold season.

Two big companies, Apple and Microsoft, have released even more tear-jerking content. Apple, keeping on that animation trend, created a heartwarming tale that represents the classic holiday ideal to “Share Your Gifts.”

Microsoft took the same touching approach but with their Xbox Adaptive Controller and a beautiful real-life snippet of opportunities that everyone should get. Their slogan stating “When everybody plays, we all win.” A commercial sure to make even the coldest hearts melt.

Everyone wants to be better and do better in December, and that’s what sparks the season of giving. The reason commercials that highlight the ideas of inclusion and sharing are so well received among viewers is because they show that the “true meaning” behind the season is obtainable and fulfilling.

Specifically, this year, considering the number of uncontrollable situations that have occurred and caused suffrage, people aren’t taking anything for granted and helping their communities during hard times.

While a strong dislike for commercials is evident, the winter season brings something else out.  It’s no surprise that people enjoy the idea of a cheerful and honest holiday where love and acceptance are spread about every corner, even the screens.

The month of December holds a sweet and magical presence and if companies continue to share their products with this in mind, they’re sure to hold the hearts of endless consumers.