Students now leading the conversation: School shottings lead to rise in student activism

Megan Behnke, Staff Writer

After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that took the lives of 17 people, many students have been speaking up about gun control, trying to change both state and national gun laws.

Florida students have been speaking on news channels, going to the state capital in Tallahassee, and becoming all around activists in response to the recent violence that unfolded at their school.

However, according to NBC News, “the outspoken student survivors are depicted as mouthpieces of the FBI, pawns of left-wing activist billionaire George Soros, stooges of the Democratic Party – or all of the above.”
Because the students are speaking out about gun control and what they experienced, people think it’s all scripted, labeling them “crisis actors.” This is just wrong. We should be celebrating the new wave of student activists, not accusing them of something so horrendous.

These students experienced something so horrific that they want to speak out about it. They want it to end. If adults won’t make a change, children will.

Even First Lady Melania Trump seems to be in support of the recent uprising of high school activists.

According to an article in the “Associated Press,” at a luncheon at the White House just after the shooting, Trump offered her thoughts of the shooting and what she thought of what the students were doing. She both sympathized with the parents and children of the shooting, noting that, “I cannot imagine the kind of grief a tragedy like that brings,” and showed appreciation for the children of the school speaking out about what they believe in, saying “I have been heartened to see children across this country using their voices to speak out and try to create change. They are our future and they deserve a voice.” I appreciate knowing that the current most powerful woman in the country is supporting student activists. To see America’s youth stand up and speak their minds is something that is so incredible and inspiring. They’re using their voices and their experience to try to make a change.

Columbine, Sandy Hook, Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Those are just a few of the many school shootings that this country has had to witness.

The shooting in Parkland, Florida on sparked reactions of a new wave of student activists, who are all are saying enough is enough.