My day as Wolfie was enlightening

Adrienne Oliva, Editor in Chief

Adrienne Oliva, The Clarion's editor-in-chief, spent a day as Wolfie, the college's mascot and enjoyed the experience.
Clarion Staff Photo
Adrienne Oliva, The Clarion’s editor-in-chief, spent a day as Wolfie, the college’s mascot and enjoyed the experience.

Do you know how much the Student Senate had to do in order to get me to dress as Wolfie WolfPack?

Absolutely nothing. They asked me as a joke and I immediately said yes.

My life philosophy is that if something sounds just so ridiculous and absurd, you have to do it. And this is how my day as Wolfie WolfPack began.

I walked into the student senate office the following day thinking I was mentally prepared to be Wolfie. I practiced my high fives all day. I practiced my finger guns in the mirror. I practiced every other zany move I’ve ever seen a person in a mascot suit do. I thought this was all I needed to be the perfect Wolfie.

I was wrong.

As it turns out, there were a couple challenges that I initially did not anticipate. The first challenge came when I was putting on the Wolfie suit with the help of student senator Shawn Padley
Though I loved how ridiculous I looked in my costume, I soon realized how hot that darn wolf suit really is.

Before I even came out of hiding to unveil my new identity as Wolfie, I was already coated in a very generous layer of sweat that only increased as my time in the suit went on.

Finally, I put the mask on, and encountered my second and third challenge: It was hard to see, and even harder to breathe. After taking the mask off, I told Padley that if people who were scared of mascots knew how much heavy breathing was really going on underneath my mask, they would most likely be even more uncomfortable.

Despite my immense discomfort, it was show time.

I was led out into the WolfPack café area with the help of student senator Liv Arndt. I gave all my high fives, shot all my finger guns, gave lots of hugs, and posed for tons of pictures. I even came up with new zany moves that I think I could teach future Wolfie mascots.

There were only a few moments that were odd when I was in costume, such a student attempting to look deep into my eyes (and what felt like my soul) to try to figure out who I was. Spoiler: she did not.

Despite that, being Wolfie was a blast. I would even wager that it was worth the immense amount of sweat I perspired that day.

It was really a pleasure to be Wolfie for the day. And Student Senate, if you’re ever looking for another Wolfie, you know where to find me.