An open letter to Trump supporters

Patrick Kempfer, Opinion Editor

Immigrants (that’s how you spell that word, btw) are coming here for the same reasons your great grandparents came (or however long you can trace your family back), and that’s to make more opportunities for their future family members. You know, like how your grandfather worked hard every day to feed your father, so you could grow up in a country that gave you a decent education and you could prosper. But what did you do? Oh, that’s right… You gave up. You squandered that dream they had for your own quick fix, that “I want to a buck right now to prove how great I am” attitude that is absolutely destroying this country. You blame the Mexicans! Really? At least they’re willing to work hard and paying into the economy, keeping things going, while you’re too wasted to get a job, or too proud to ask for help, people are out there carving out a place for their children, and their children’s children. You have no excuse for where you are, because you put yourself there, and just like Trump, you are looking for others to blame. Cry me a river. No. Instead, go back to school, and learn how to read and write better, and accumulate some more personable skills, because, from what I have seen, you do not have any. As for the elections, you had better pray that Bernie gets in there, because he is the only one out there fighting for the POTUS gig that gives a shit about you.

Please take the time to listen to what is happening. Get involved. Become part of this nation, and not just a byproduct of it.

The 2016 Presidential Election is no longer about simple party politics. This race to the White House has become much more about the survival of this country. If we, as a nation, are to continue on, in any sort of civilized way, and with determined, pointed, tenacious, and dutiful aptitude, we MUST move forward with conscience, and with logic. We will surely perish as a country if we sit idly by while the ignorant and the hateful gain traction in this land. This land has seen better days; before the colonization, the reaping, the raping, the genocide, and the white wash. Still, here we are, and we can create a beautiful nation, but we must take ownership of our transgressions, so that we may invest ourselves fully in a healthy, cooperative future. We have to wipe away all the lines we have drawn in the sand, stepping away from the divisive rhetoric that has separated us for so long, and bring together a culmination of love and positive spiritual human connection. Can we do this? I believe we can. Nevertheless, we have to drop all the BS, and retract the silly differences that we often use to make ourselves feel special, so that we might achieve greatness. Not once again, but after all, and for us all. Because it is possible. Because we are a country that is worth saving. Because we must. Because, deep down, it is what we all want.