Climate change no longer debate

Despite scientific evidence, many people remain skeptical about global change

Javier Hernandez, Staff Writer

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Climate change has become an important subject that can no longer be ignored. You may have heard other terms such as ‘global warming’ and or ‘global change’. These phrases are similar, but climate change is the most preferred.  It simply gets to the point of categorizing temperature change, weather severity, and changes in ecosystems.  Humanity has been very unkind to the earth as some would opine. Others believe it is just a myth- scientific theory and nothing else. These are assumptions, more or less, on both sides. Over the years it is pretty obvious that Wisconsin weather has vastly changed.

Recent scientific studies from the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts have shown that the earth can facilitate 350 trillion tons of carbon emissions. The earth is calculated to be at 400 trillion tons present day. If carbon emissions continue to rise at the rate they are now, by 2050 we will see huge impacts indelibly. Greenhouse gasses emitted into the earth’s atmosphere are speeding up the process.  It is predicted that Wisconsin will see three times as many hotter days. This could lead to more humid summers, warmer winters, and severe farmer crop damages. It is also said that by mid-century rain precipitation will increase by 25 percent, leading to more floods and heavier rain falls. This in turn could damage human productivity, economy, and the quality of life. From 1950 until now, on average, spring has occurred 12 days sooner than expected and fall has started 12 days later. This visible pattern can only continue, and who knows what other vast effects climate change might have here in Wisconsin,  such as those involving human health.

Whether you believe in the scientific research and predictions or not, the undeniable truth is that humans are a big variable in the chaos of things Changes are already happening around you and most certainly you have experienced them. Raising awareness is a start, but acting upon these actions is more important than anything else. Remember, Mother Nature is a fragile and beautiful thing, and it is better to be safe than sorry.