Letter from the Editors


Michael Klein, Editor in Chief

I am extremely grateful for staff at The Clarion because, I believe, they all deserve praise and recognition for their hard work.  I don’t like domineering the spotlight; thus, I’ve decided to allow each editor to take a turn introducing themselves.

Plus I’m too fainéant to write this for every issue.  Therefore, I’m officially changing this section to “Letter from the Editors.”

To begin this new section, I’ll briefly introduce myself. I’m in my third, and LAST, year of my two-year transfer program. Most of my dawdling is because I enjoy working at this paper and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to serve as editor in chief.

This past spring, I received my Journalism Certificate from Madison College; I plan on continuing in the field after my transfer to either UW-Madison or Northwestern.

My two beautiful daughters, named Lady Rose Cassidy XVII (pictured above) and Princess Parisox Autumn Cocoa I, are my pride and joy.

Also, I’m a huge sports fan. Go Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls and Sox!

Next week, our Managing Editor and professional photogropher, Jacob Ennis, will introduce himself to the student body.