The best presidential candidate you knew existed

Stephen Philips, Staff Writer

If you want a president who will end all unnecessary foreign wars, bring all of our troops back home, and will end the domestic war on drugs, then Gary Johnson just might have your vote. The fact is, he is more fiscally conservative (with a record to prove it) than Mitt Romney and trumps Barack Obama on civil liberties (according to the ACLU).

According to 3,600,000 people on, if America were to determine their vote according to the issues and not the parties, Johnson would be polling neck and neck with Obama. So who is this Gov. Gary Johnson?

Johnson successfully governed the state of New Mexico for two consecutive terms, from 1995 to 2003. A state typically 2-1 Democrat, in his first election, Johnson (classified as a Republican at the time) came out of nowhere, to win over the incumbent. His second term proved heavily weighted in his favor.

While in office, he vetoed more spending bills than the other 49 governors combined. In only eight years, the state’s one billion dollar deficit became a one billion dollar surplus. He scaled back the size of the government and helped create thousands of new jobs. For a while, thanks to Johnson, New Mexico was the only state in the country that wasn’t losing jobs.

Yes, that’s right. While some candidates would require billions, if not trillions, to create jobs we’ve yet to see happen in our neighborhoods, Johnson did it while cutting spending at the same time.

His impressive governmental record is arguably more so than Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama, and his personal life is no less impressive. Johnson has climbed Mount Everest and biked in the Alps. While in college, he started a business from the back of his truck that grew into a company employing 1,000 people strong. He also built his own home.

In general, Johnson has been fed up with how our country has been run of the last decade or so. In a GQ interview last November, the headline suggested that Johnson might just be the sanest man running.

Lisa DePaulo’s GQ interview claiming that he’s the only candidate with his head on straight also states Johnson is “fundamentally incapable of bullshitting.”

Refreshingly honest and shockingly humble, Johnson holds nothing back. He thinks that an honest president is the only kind Americans should elect – a sentiment and ideal shared by most, if not, all voting Americans.

His campaign has not been typical or easy. Instead of running against the other candidates in the public eye, he has been forced to do so in private because his already limited resources have been eagerly consumed by litigation brought on by those protecting the interests of the two main party’s candidates: Obama and Romney.

Where along the way did the Democratic and Republican parties get to determine who “we the people” get to choose between for the president?

Gary Johnson’s campaign team has had to spend most of its scarce resources on lawsuits and litigation just to simply be allowed on all ballots and to attempt to break the stronghold of the televised debates. The reason he has not been allowed to participate is because Obama and Romney camps don’t want him throwing any curveballs.

As it stands, the debates have been set up weeks in advance, with each candidate having already made his answers. What kind of a “debate” is that?

An online quiz taken by millions, has shown, that based on individual Americans’ issues and stances, this race is one between Johnson and Obama – and a very close one at that.

However, since Johnson does not have the backing of major corporations or a massive corporate sponsored party, its no wonder he is still unknown by most.

Most people would love to vote for a president who would end the failed war on drugs, end the foreign wars, bringing the troops home, roll back military spending to the pre-wars levels of 2003, and who would stay out of marriage, allowing states to decide non-Constitutional issues for themselves.

The majority of voters would be excited to know there is a candidate as balanced, honest and levelheaded as Gary Johnson. Chances are, you’re one of those voters.

Please, for your own benefit, visit and take the quiz to find out which candidate you stand with.

Most importantly, vote for the best candidate, regardless of party affiliation. Don’t vote based on how much money he has, or (worst of all) don’t just cast your vote for the “lesser of two evils.” After all, voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

If honest, frugal and freedom focused is different – a difference we could use some of – then please, let’s be different with this election and give freedom a chance. In the words of Gary Johnson, “Live Free.”