Letter from the Editor Oct. 10

George Treviranus, Editor In Chief

It’s finally here. After a year and a half, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 are out. I guess there are other important things like the election going on, but not to me. Unfortunately it won’t be in my possession until late Monday, and by then, the paper will have been sent to print. Luckily a fellow staff saved the day. The copies in the picture are courtesy of Daniel Schott, our business director.

This is our fourth issue, and I have to say I am very excited about it. We have coverage of Obama visiting Bascom Hill, which luckily we had the opportunity to photograph. We will be posting a gallery online, so be sure to check it out. In total, Jake Ennis took over 1100 photos, nearly half of which were just of the president during his 20 minute speech. If you somehow missed the flash at the top of page one, or perhaps page four, with a photo spread on page five, go take a gander. There will be a better collection on our website as well.

Two other great things are right around the corner: Halloween and the election. Did you register? Hopefully you did, it’s kind of important. We plan to send out a small survey to get a feel for your guys’ intentions this election. Also, we’re hoping to do something fun next issue with Halloween. Watch out for that, too.

Hope you’ve all adjusted to a routine this semester, we’re nearly half way done. Lord knows I haven’t.