Outdated two-party system destroying America

Marcus C. Robinson, Staff Writer

“We The People” have the privilege of electing leaders who best reflect our views. Except we don’t. We vote along party lines instead of electing politicians who best represent our views. It seems that “We The People” have forgotten that unity is our strength. It seems we have forgotten how America was founded.

We fought, we bled, and lives were lost, but through their sacrifice the words “Give me liberty or give me death” became true. Together we made America.

Unfortunately, the two-party system does not reflect that. Its greatest fallacy is the lie that two parties can ever fully express or understand every American’s need, point of view, or problem.

George Washington, the first President of the United States, warned against the two party systems because it narrows our vision and ideals. Yet time after time “We The People” have allowed politicians to restrict political dialogue. America is for the people, not politicians. Yet they hold the keys.

It’s time we take back those keys.

I propose that we replace every member of Congress aged 60 years and over. Nor should anyone who has been involved in politics for over 10 years become members of Congress. There should also be a 15-year life period for each member of Congress. Term limits in congress makes as much sense as limiting the terms on the president.

When President Obama, then a senator, spoke at the 2004 Democratic Convention he said, “this isn’t red America, or blue America, it’s the United States of America.” We have lost this vision, and to retain it we must tear down and rebuild America’s political system.

We must build a system where the small guy matters, because at least once we are all the small guy. It seems like we’ve “gotten too grown for our own undies” as my mother would say.

We no longer see the brother next to us as our fellow American, double for those across the political aisle. That aisle needs to be filled with chairs and our leaders need make that reconciliation happen instead of acting like kids in a sandbox.

“We The People” need to do our part as well. The change America needs is in our hearts, because the final responsibility falls on us. We cannot allow ourselves to be divided. While following elections, it is our responsibility to sort through all the promises and hear what the candidates aren’t saying.

If we continue to elect wealthy citizens as our leaders, who will ever remember to help the broke poor guy?  It’s time to put “We The People” back in the driver’s seat.