Admission advisors offer transfer tips

Kelly Feng, Managing Editor

“It’s OK not to know what you want,” said Claire McCarthy, Admissions Counselor, Edgewood College. She explained the admission staff at her college encourages variety. “You take a couple of general courses. I’d say one tip is to definitely explore courses.”
McCarthy was one of the numerous representatives answering questions at the Madison College Transfer Fair. Taking place during the week of March 6 -10, the fair provided students with information and helped them to decide whether to continue their education with a four-year institution.
Joining McCarthy were representatives from four-year institutions such as Herzing University, Marquette University, Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), Concordia University and Edgewood College, among others, on hand to answer questions about credit transfer, financial aid and available housing.
Several counselors stayed afterward and gathered to share some tips for transfer students.
Herzing University is a nursing program available at three Wisconsin campuses: Madison, Brookfield and Kenosha.
“Keep your eyes open for different opportunities you may not think might fit you,” said Andy Routt, Director of Admissions.
“You might end up going to a campus or talking to somebody, and it opens your eyes to a lot of different opportunities.”
Routt said if Madison College students finish their ADN program, they could transfer to Herzing and complete their BSN, earning an RN Degree and a BS for important employment options post-graduation.
“Keep looking. There’s a lot of opportunities out there for students, whether in the backyard in Madison or across the state or the country,” Routt said.
Catie Koruba, Transfer Admission Counselor for Marquette University, said contacting the schools students are interested in transferring to and talking to their admissions counselors is crucial.
“It’s our job to help. We want to be able to let you know about resources available to the university to make the transfer process as easy as possible,” Koruba said.
She emphasized the importance of visiting a school in person so that students can see if it is a good fit.
“Talk to us, send us emails, call and make appointments and visit,” Koruba said.
“Explore all your options,” said Lucia Kohne, Assistant Director of Admissions at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE University). “You don’t know which financial packages will be [available], how your credit will transfer, or anything like that unless you seek it out.”
Kohne said MSOE could give specific course recommendations beforehand to make sure those class credits transfer over.
“Be in contact with you whatever schools you’re interested in. The earlier you do it, the better,” Kohne said.
Concordia University is a private, faith-based institution affiliated with the Missouri Synod.
“It’s really very important for Madison College students to make sure that they research their program of interest,” said Kathleen A. Siedenburg, Accelerated Admission Counselor, Concordia University Wisconsin. “I encourage all the students to look at the different schools that offer their particular program of interest and make sure they have all their i’s dotted and t’s crossed.”
Siedenburg noted the university offers complimentary transfer credit evaluation, giving Madison College students an idea of how many of their credits would transfer into Concordia.
McCarthy, the representative from Edgewood College, said to reach out as soon as possible to understand the school’s admission process and potential financial aid opportunities.
She added that if a student doesn’t know what they want to pursue, it’s essential to explore different options to see what their strengths are and what are their interests.
“Reaching out and showing initiative can definitely help you with your application process.”