Honor society conducts transportation survey

Iman Alrashid, Copy Editor

Have you missed any of your classes because you had no ride to school or from school to home?
Madison College’s chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society is conducting a transportation survey to help provide guidance to the college on future transportation offerings.
Some questions include: Do you have a car? Are you able to pay for gas, and do you carpool? Do you think carpooling is safe? And what about Madison College parking lots? Are they big enough? Are they safe when it is dark?
Whether you walk, drive or take any of the mass-transit options Madison College offers, you will need a plan of how you will get to and from class. Providing your feedback will help make these services better for you.
There is no doubt that college is a powerful road to success. But what happens when the road is filled with obstacles, like when your car breaks down or when you cannot afford gas and there is a lack of public transportation?
Many students are fine getting into school but have problems getting there. That is why it is important to ensure each student has some reliable way of getting to where they need to be. This survey will help Madison College to examine the transportation problem and study the options and the solutions that might help make the road to higher education easier to travel.
The survey can be found in student emails. Hundreds of prizes will be awarded to survey participants, including a Schwinn Mesa 1 Mountain Bike worth $500.
Your completed survey entry must be received by Friday, Feb. 17.
Please keep in mind that underutilized services may be modified – which is why your feedback is welcomed and so important.
Your survey response will help the college know if it is offering the right combination of services or what new services are needed.