Reminder about the services Public Safety offers

Sgt. Lucas Adler, Public Safety Officer

Welcome back to Madison College!  Hopefully, you had a great holiday break, and you are coming back refreshed and ready to take on the Spring semester. During the school year, Public Safety will publish articles in The Clarion informing the college community of recent events and notable calls that Public Safety has responded to.
We welcome everyone to stop by the office and introduce themselves and we hope you all have a successful semester!  Here are some quick reminders about some services Public Safety offers.
• Public Safety has Patrol Officers available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  The Public Safety Office, Room B1240, is staffed Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.  You can reach us by stopping by the window or dialing (608) 246-6932 (non-emergency) or (608) 245-2222 (emergency/after hours).  If you are trying to reach an officer after normal business hours or on the weekend, please dial (608) 245-2222.  Be aware that during this time Wisconsin State Capitol Police dispatches for Public Safety.
• Students are no longer required to display a physical parking permit.  Students are required to register their vehicles on the Madison College website.  Simply type “Parking” in the search tab of the Madison College website and click “Student Vehicle Registration.”
• Public Safety has Jump Packs available to jump start your car in the event your battery dies at no charge. We only require a photo ID, and you must be the registered owner of the vehicle, or the vehicle must be registered to your parent.
• Public Safety can unlock your vehicle if you lock your keys in your car. We again require a photo ID and you must be the registered owner of the vehicle, or the vehicle must be registered to a parent.
• Public Safety offers escorts to your vehicle if you do not feel comfortable walking to your car.  Just stop by the office or give us a call!

Public Safety Tip of the Week
Know your way around campus.  Take time the first few days of school to familiarize yourself with the layout of campus.  Take note of where Public Safety is located (B1240), exits, AED’s and hallway phones. As always, Public Safety is available 24/7 by dialing (608) 245-2222.