Libraries can help chase away the winter doldrums

Matt Coan, Librarian

Finals? Does anybody still do those? Do faculty still require those? Heck, a few projects, a paper or two and you’re headed for winter break. Barring any job or jobs you have to go to, household chores, laundry, holiday shopping, snow removal, childcare, elder care and personal care, you can just chillax. Sofa city, am I right?
After a few days, though, things might get a little boring, especially if friends are away with family or significant others. However, I’m not here to curse your darkness, friend! I’m here to shine a light on some possible cures with materials from your friendly Libraries.
First off, did you know Madison College Libraries has a new film database called SWANK that has a lot of feature films? You will have to log in when you’re off campus, but once you do you will have access to nearly a thousand titles, including the holiday fave, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Some of my all-time favorite movies are there, such as “All the President’s Men,” “Cabaret,” “Defending Your Life,” “Do the Right Thing” and “Ex-Machina” to name a few from the first part of the alphabet.
You prefer old school DVDs? We have plenty to get you through the eight nights of Hanukkah or to the feast of Karamu. Besides a few traditional holiday-themed titles, we also have videos that require a substantial time commitment, like the “Game of Thrones” series, “Brooklyn 99” or “Last Man on Earth.” We have plenty of other features, including “Titanic,” which has a long run time. That one is not about the holidays, but it does feature plenty of ice.
Can you believe our libraries still have books? We have more than 300 titles in print book form published in 2021-22. We also majorly boosted our e-book collection during the worst of the pandemic, so yes, there is plenty to read. Perhaps your studious eyes are tired from reading textbooks for class. In that case, we have more than 600 audiobooks to choose from. If you have little children to keep entertained over the holidays, check out our huge Children’s Diversity Collection.
Not sure what you want to read, listen to or watch? Ask one of our librarians or student workers. We will do our best to find something to make the most of your time while visiting sofa city. Happy Holidays from your Madison College Librarians.