Officer assists lost toddler by campus

Sgt. Lucas Adler, Public Safety Officer

Public Safety officers respond to many calls for service and we communicate our activities to the college community.  Here are some recent notable incidents.
On Nov. 9, a Public Safety officer on patrol heard over the local scanner that a toddler was wandering around with no clothes in a nearby neighborhood.  Since the officer was close, he decided to check the area.  The officer located the child and remained with them until police could arrive.
On Nov. 14, a report of a damaged sprinkler pipe was called in at the Commercial Avenue campus.  While moving a shed, one of the pipes supplying water to the sprinkler system was struck causing water to spray all over the shop.  Luckily there was a floor drain in the shop and there was minimal damage.  The pipes were repaired the same evening restoring sprinkler service to the building.
On Oct. 26, a small amount of marijuana was recovered from a student.  The student was warned for possession and the marijuana was destroyed.
Public Safety wishes you all a great Thanksgiving break!  A reminder that Public Safety officers are available 24/7, even during holiday shutdowns.  If you need to speak to an officer for any reason, please dial 245-2222.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please give me a call at 608-243-4165 or send me an email at [email protected].

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