Foundation scholarship applications are due Dec. 1

Clarion Staff Report

Students have until Dec. 1 to apply for spring 2023 scholarships awarded by the Madison College Foundation. Overall, the Foundation has disbursed more than $20 million in financial assistance to more than 45,000 students.
To be eligible to apply for a foundation scholarship, students must:
• Be accepted into a program.
• Have a 2.0 GPA or higher.
• Be enrolled in six or more credits for the upcoming semester.
New students can apply, but they are required to include a letter of recommendation and their college or high school transcripts along with their applications.
By completing the Madison College Foundation’s general scholarship application, you will automatically be matched with the majority of the scholarship opportunities the Foundation offers.
Once you submit the general application, you can check to see if there are some scholarships that require additional steps. Just go to the opportunities tab on the foundation site, select “ours” and look for scholarships that have an additional “apply” button next to them.
Some, but not all, of the scholarships awarded consider financial need as one of the selection criteria. To be considered for these need-based scholarships, you must complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
Scholarship award notifications will be sent to your Madison College email account by mid-February. Scholarships are applied directly to student accounts approximately 2-3 weeks after the start of classes to students who have completed the required steps of the acceptance process.
The Madison College Foundation offers the following scholarship application success tips on its website:
• Complete the application fully. Treat the application like an exam. Points may be deducted for each area you leave blank.
• Use your responses to the essay questions to share your personal story and show the reviewer that you are a “good investment.” The application is your opportunity to share your educational and career plans with the reviewer and make the case why you deserve the scholarship award more so than the next applicant.
• Pay attention to grammar and spelling.
• Type your essays in a Word document first to help you identify grammar and spelling errors.
• Visit the Writing Center or review your application with an instructor, friend or family member.
• Don’t wait until the last day to apply. Students often encounter technical or personal issues that prevent them from submitting the application on time which results in disqualification.
Finally, if you are an International Student, you can visit to learn more about scholarship opportunities you are eligible to apply for.