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Lillian Coppelman, Editor In Chief

There are many different resources that Madison College provides for students, enough where it can get confusing where to look to get the information they may need. Incoming students attending the college have many questions about where they need to go and what they need to know. The WolfPack Wisdom Youtube channel exists to provide students with the resources they need to succeed at Madison College. 

The channel started in fall of 2019 and is a channel by students for students. There are three primary playlists on the channel. “What’s up WolfPack?” is a playlist full of videos to help students explore the services at Madison College, such as the bookstore, library, the salon and more. “How2use myMadisonCollege” has videos to help walk students through the different components of myMadisonCollege and how to do several tasks on the portal. “Madison College Knowledge” covers the more technical aspects of students’ lives. It has videos about financial aid, how to use the Navigate platform and online learning.  

In addition to the three primary playlists, there are the partners that host videos on the channel. “International Education” has content about studying abroad and international students coming to Madison College. “Transfer Center” posts videos about students transferring to or from Madison College. “Writing Center” has informational content about writing tips called “2minTutors.” In total, there are around 200 videos on the channel. 

WolfPack Wisdom is a great resource to help students attending Madison College.  

“Sometimes people learn differently,” said Marty Crabbs, a staff member at Madison College and manager of the channel. “And being able to see a video really helps solidify the concept instead of reading about it on the website.” 

“It’s super helpful, and it’s free,” said Cole Downing, a student and member of the WolfPack channel team. “We have a ridiculous number of videos from a bunch of different people who worked on the team over the years.” 

WolfPack Wisdom is a channel made to help students succeed during their time at the college, the team behind the videos work hard to make resources for students readily and easily available to access.  

“I’m really proud of the work that the students do,” Crabbs said. “The students do all filming, all of the editing, all of the assembling. All the videos you see on the channel are made by students.” 

Students can help get involved with the channel by subscribing and spreading the word to other Madison College students.