Join the Student Senate’s Racial Equity Committee

T Clearwater, Staff Writer

Hi there students! I’m Mx T Clearwater (that’s pronounced meh-ecks or mm-icks) and I’m a bi-racial LGBTQ+ Student Senator who is driven to create changes in our school that will not only allow students to feel comfortable in the classroom, but everywhere on campus. I have a high focus on the BIPOC and QTPOC communities as well as the LGBTQIIAA2S+ community.
I work with the Diversity and Community Outreach Committee, Gender and LGBTQ+ Support Subcommittee and chair the Racial Equity Committee.
The Racial Equity Committee is a student-led and student-driven committee to advocate for the BIPOC community here in our school and create equitable changes.
To do this, I will be collaborating with the other committees that are part of the Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement department here at Madison College, and as many identity groups, organizations, departments and students as I can.
My committee will also be working with communities and organizations from around Madison, around Wisconsin and nationally to get us what we need in resources, inspiration, mentorship and backing for the equitable changes we would like to see in our school.
I would love to tell you more about the specific goals I have for the committee, but I would rather you show up for the first meeting and tell me what you want, too! A free exchange of ideas and gathering over a collective interest is what I’d like to see to start off this committee with its first official meeting. It is at that time I will go over the four main groups (my “four-winds” subcommittees) that will help us create structure to channel the students’ wants, needs and energy.
I will begin tabling next week to share more about what is driving me to do this work and what I hope will also drive you to join in this effort.
I am slating the first meeting for Friday, Sept. 23. You will receive an email about the details of the first meeting the coming week as I do my tabling. I hope to see as many of you as possible.