National Library Week runs April 3-9

Dana Ryals, Librarian

When was the last time you read the news or a magazine?  Have you ever needed help figuring out something with your computer?  Do you wonder about what the experts say on certain topics, but in a format that you can trust?  Do you enjoy curling up with a good book? 

These are things that libraries around the world help people with for free every day.  

In the first week of April we celebrate National Library Week, pausing to reflect on all the ways that libraries help people get connected to the information and technology that they need. 

If you haven’t been to your Madison College Library, now is a great time to drop in and see what services we have for you. 

“Connect with Your Library” is the theme for National Library Week 2022.  I love this theme, as it can mean many different things.  Let us explore those scenarios above, but in terms of what your Madison College Libraries have for you. 

Madison College Libraries subscribe to over 55,000 different paper and electronic magazines and journals, and over 600 different paper and electronic news sources. 

Some of these titles include Wired, Vogue, New York Times and Time Magazine, to name a few.  If anyone needs help locating any of these resources, a librarian would be happy to connect them. 

Another way libraries connect is through the Wi-Fi access we provide both in the library and out.  We know that a lot of information exists online, and if that is where the information is, we will help students find it – even if it means loaning out a Wi-Fi hotspot so students can access the Internet off campus.  Additionally, we provide in depth as needed or appointment-based technology support for students looking for troubleshooting assistance to solve technology issues.  We help students connect to their devices or loan out devices for them to borrow to connect that way. 

Connecting to accurate information and peer-reviewed expert opinions is not always easy, but is essential for anyone doing research, whether it is academic or a personal inquiry.  

With the misinformation on the Internet, it is also important to be able to verify that what we read online is true.  Librarians can help with this, teaching information finding skills to our students to train them to be lifelong learners.  

And the books – yes, libraries still have books.  Visit any of our locations to find your next favorite book waiting for you there.  We have an incredible fiction selection and an impressive amount of non-fiction titles, with new books arriving every month.  

Can’t find what you are looking for?  We will be happy to place an inter-library loan request and borrow it from another library on your behalf.  We want you to find what you need and will be happy to connect you in any way that we can.  

This National Library Week, visit your local Madison College library to see how we can connect with you!