Meet the new president of the college’s honor society

Iman Alrashid, Staff Writer

A unique, talented mind inside his head that’s magically able to juggle a lot of talents; art, music, drawing, creative writing, photography, playing tennis and more.  

Leonardo Reyes Ponce is 26 years old, a Madison College student who works very hard and challenges himself to accomplish his goals.  

Between a full-time job and three classes at Madison College, Reyes Ponce accepted the PTK president position to strengthen and improve his leadership skills.  

“This is my first semester with PTK…. so I am still learning all the responsibilities of the position,” Reyes Ponce said.  

Reyes Ponce is enjoying the new position even with all the challenges that come with it. 

“It’s been a taxing yet rewarding experience so far,” Reyes Ponce added.  

Reyes Ponce is in the Liberal Arts Science/Technology transfer program. He is working hard to move to the next step, which is to transfer to the University of Chicago- Illinois to get accepted into an Architecture program. 

“I spend a good chunk of my time making digital illustrations. I like to focus on portraits, perspective pieces and storytelling,” Reyes Ponce said.  

There is another creative side of Reyes Ponce, tattooing. He enjoyed doing tattoos, but because of his busy schedule and his passion for pursuing other interests, he had to take a break. 

 “I hope to return to tattooing once I am in a place where I can afford to take time off from a consistent income source,” Reyes Ponce said.  

Creativity, intelligence, humanity, equality and humor are a few of Reyes Ponce’s values in life. His long-term goal is to be in a position where he can express himself creatively. 

“I’ve got a lot of interests in different creative mediums and plenty of ideas that I want to fully realize,” Reyes Ponce said. 

Reyes Ponce has multipotentiality; he is working hard to meet his goals in life, and he knows what the next step is for him to get closer to his dream. 

“I want to be a person my younger self would be proud of,” Reyes Ponce said.