National TRIO Day project


Luis Alcala Roblero

Students work on a blanket as part of a service project on National TRIO Day at Madison College on Feb. 25.

Kaleia Lawrence, Editor in Chief

National TRIO Day landed on Feb. 26 this year. To celebrate, the TRIO services at Madison College hosted a blanket making session in the Intercultural Exchange.
“Every year for National TRIO Day, TRIO programs all over the nation do service projects to give back to their community,” said Goldhmong Vang, TRIO advisor.
Twenty blankets were donated to Joining Forces for Families’ Allied Community office. This organization will give the blankets to those in need. They also provide other resources like diapers, clothing, financial and housing assistance.
“It is meant to be a day of reflection, but also one of action,” said Megan Schroeder, TRIO coach and program coordinator.
While the event was open to everyone, there is a certain criteria for those who can be a part of TRIO. This includes first generation students, those who meet federal low-income guidelines and those who have documented disability status with Disability Resource Services at Madison College.
Those eligible and interested can fill out an application, complete an interview and be onboarded. Students will get the opportunity to get connected to many resources both at Madison College and beyond. There is no cost to participate.
“I think the biggest thing that sets us apart is just, like, our community building. We really enjoy, like, having the face to face contact, working around with students, getting connected, meeting with them,” said Vang.