NSLS celebrates its recent inductees during ceremony

Kaleia Lawrence, Editor in Chief

The National Society of Leadership and Success, NSLS, held its first in-person induction ceremony since the start of the pandemic. The option to attend online was available as well. Since there was no ceremony in the spring due to COVID, members that were inducted online were invited to participate in the physical ceremony. 

With the event being offered as a hybrid with families invited as well, there were a total of 62 attendees. There were 45 people in person and 17 online attendees. It was hosted at Truax on Nov. 30 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

“Lots of people brought family members with them so it was really fun,” said Ellie Rome, NSLS advisor. Rome recognized Jadyn Hayes and Samantha Smith with the Advanced Leadership Certificate Recognition. 

Lucia Nunez, Vice President of Equity and Inclusion, delivered the keynote speech. She talked about being a woman that was brought up in a generation where leadership wasn’t something that was encouraged for girls, or that Nunez thought was possible. Nunez was also presented with the Impact Leader Award. 

The inducted members from the spring 2021 includes: Cassidy Bender, Ashly Bergholz-Dixon, Allyson Brunette, Staci Brunner, Julie Chavez, Ashley Chesmore, Megan Crary, Mary Cooper, Karly Dyer, Vesna Dzamonja, Amy Gonzalez-Orozco, Sean Green, Roxanne Hatch, Gretchen Hulka, Clarire Krintz, Brian Marowsky, Ricardo Marroquin Santos, Alycia, Tierney Miller, Frank Redd, Victoria Reyes, Sandra Rice, Kayla Salmon, Isatou Sanneh, Olivia Schulte, Aleemuddin Syed, Maimoua Thao, Argon Useini, Kelsey Wagner, James Washburn and Eric Ziebell. 

Inducted members from the fall of 2021: Jeniya Adams, Ian Auger, Alex Boeckelman, Sarah Buck, Rebekah Cain, Emi Engen, Sarah Fields, Kirie Friedrichs, Adam Frohmader, Tina Gaustad, Terrance Gilmore, Maya Greengus, Nathan Hallberg, Clarissa Kuster, Rebecca Lemke, Jacquelyn Luengas, Abby Manning, Kelly Mendoza Viveros, Casey Merrill, Lydia Miller, Haven Murdock, Myka Olsen, Nate Paulsen, Stephanie Percifield, Tia Petts, Brandon Reda, Caroline Royer, Meeghan Schorr, Katelynn Smith, Jacob Stark, Harris Uhlier, Jacob Vance and Destiney Wruck.