College’s STEM Center is moving to into a new space


The STEM Center has relocated to the second floor in the Ingenuity Wing of the main Truax Campus building in room A2101.

Kaleia Lawrence , Editor in Chief

The STEM Center is moving from the first floor of the school to a new, spacious office with more amenities to assist students. 

It has multiple conference rooms that students can take advantage of, as well as space to study. The area will also have desktops and laptops that students can use. Across the hall, there will be another conference room, a kitchen area as well as 3-D printers.  

A couple different factors went into the decision to move.  

“We need more space because we track students who come into this STEM center and… pre-pandemic we could see the rise in the number of students coming in looking for services,” said Teresa Werhane, STEM Center Administrator. 

“So that was one reason and then the other reason is that that whole wing is going to be for the IT programs so they needed to move us out…it was kind of a win-win because we’re getting more space and better visibility as well.” 

Some of the services offered through the STEM Center are tutoring, study jams, events and STEM club. These services and the STEM Center space is open to all students.  

“If you’re taking the kind of STEM classes that many more students do, like Calculus and Chem 2, and, you know, some of those really higher level classes, it’s really nice for them to be hanging out with other students that are going through the same pain,” said Werhane.  

“We don’t put restrictions on it because you know STEM is infused in everything these days and so we just try to be a, you know, space that, like I said, anybody can use and feel comfortable in.” 

The STEM Club will be hosting a pizza and movie party on Thursday, Dec. 15 at 3 p.m. in the new center. It’s located on the second floor in the Ingenuity Wing at Truax, A2101.