What’s the impact of the federal vaccine mandate?

Adeline Holte, Staff Writer

The Biden administration has issued a mandate that all federal employees and companies with over 100 workers must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or face weekly testing.  

In response to the Biden administration’s mandate, many companies have set a deadline for vaccination requirements among employees, including Madison School District faculty. Faculty must be vaccinated from COVID-19 by Nov. 1. As for the employees with exemptions, whether medical or religious, they will have to submit negative COVID tests twice a week. If non-exempted faculty do not show proof of vaccination by Dec. 20, they will face penalties.  

So far, only five colleges across Wisconsin have mandated the vaccine for both faculty and students, according to University Business. Madison Area Technical College, and the University of Wisconsin, both have not required the vaccine for students or faculty, not including the outside organizations involved with Madison College that may require the vaccine. 

While not requiring the vaccine, both the University of Wisconsin and Madison College have strict COVID-19 rules to protect the safety of students and staff.  

As for future vaccine mandates at Madison College, there do not appear to be any plans to require vaccination proof for staff or students, according to the Madison Area Technical College website, but that is subject to change, considering the new mandates the Biden Administration have been putting out, and their plans to have the majority of America vaccinated.  

For now, Madison College will continue with COVID-19 safety guidelines and rules, such as washing hands often, wearing face coverings, and social distancing as much as possible.