Public Safety offers an escort to your vehicle

Sgt. Lucas Adler, Public Safety Officer

With Fall upon us and the days growing shorter, I would like to remind the campus community that Public Safety offers escorts for all campus community members.   

If you would like a ride to or from your vehicle, call Public Safety at 245-2222.  This service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at all of our Madison Campuses.   

Provide the dispatcher with your location and an Officer will arrive shortly to help you get to your destination safely. 

There has been a string of scrap metal thefts from dumpsters at various Madison College Campuses recently.  While these events themselves do not pose a serious threat to the college community, this type of activity can lead to other sorts of problems such as vehicle thefts, individuals rummaging through unlocked vehicles, catalytic converter thefts, etc.   

Be on the lookout for any suspicious activity such as people looking in car windows, checking car doors, people looking under vehicles, etc.

 If you notice anything suspicious, contact Public Safety immediately at 245-2222. 

WolfPack Alert     

Have you signed up to receive WolfPack Alerts from Madison College? These alerts notify you of school cancellations or about emergencies on or near campus. If not, please do so on our webpage. Registration is free, easy and takes about a minute on your mobile device.        

In addition to our Facebook page, we have a Twitter account!  Be sure to follow @PublicSafetyMC to stay informed of what’s happening on your campus.         

Public Safety is available 24/7 by calling 245-2222.