Interpersonal connections with college’s international students


Iman Alrashid

Stephanie Belmas is the new director of the Madison College Center for International Education.

 Iman Alrashid, Staff Writer

International students at Madison College face many difficulties like homesickness, making friends, financial crisis, language barriers and, on top of it, COVID-19. 

Stephanie Belmas, the new director of the College’s Center for International Education in Madison, is so excited to help all the students, not just the international ones. 

“I am passionate about building bridges, establishing strong interpersonal connections, and helping others, all of which are at the forefront of our work in International Education. I am blessed to have a job that harnesses my passions.” 

Belmas agrees that COVID-19 has affected international education so badly, as it affected the whole world. She sees those challenges as opportunities for growth. Belmas is working hard with her phenomenal team to remain accessible to students during COVID-19. Belmas and her team can quickly connect with students without them having to come to campus or even if they are still living outside of the U.S. 

 “We have expanded online resources by hosting events like International Orientation and other workshops in a virtual platform. We have made them more accessible to students who can participate wherever they are in the world or also view the recording later,” Belmas added. 

Belmas indicated that the international student center at Madison College has a lot to offer the students, not only at the academic level but also at the health level and more.