Eduroam helps make WiFi more easily accessible

Kaleia Lawrence, Editor in Chief

Wi-Fi has become more accessible than ever for Madison College students, faculty and staff thanks to a new WI-FI network, called Eduroam.  

Eduroam is a global network that gives Madison College the ability to offer secure Wi-Fi access to students, faculty and staff both on and off campus. Along with rolling the network out on Campus, plans are currently underway to expand it in the Madison area.  

“It is a wonderful organization that helps to expand the reach of free and secure Wi-Fi to students to further their education and reduce the digital divide,” said Shawn Billing, Chief Information Officer of Madison College’s technology services. 

The initiative to get Eduroam was started in March 2020 as lockdowns started. The main focus was regional campuses and eventually included Truax as well.  

To access it, students and staff have to use their Madison College credentials to login. Once logged in, it won’t have to be done again. The Eduroam network will show up as a possible network to join.  

The network is found on many different college campuses, not only Madison College. If a Madison College student was visiting UW’s campus, the Eduroam network would be available to them. 

“Our overall goal is to encourage other schools in the area to join Eduroam to help further build out a seamless network of Wi-Fi availability to students throughout our region,” Billing said.  

But Eduroam isn’t only available in Wisconsin, it’s available worldwide. There are access points on every continent in a total of 106 territories.  

Typically, about 150 people access Madison College’s Eduroam network, according to David Digiovanni, Director of Chief Technology Officer. Some of the people hail from universities like Stanford, Texas University and Ohio University.   

However, Madison College is currently working with community partners to provide a wider range of accessibility to students. Some of the organizations that the college is discussing this possibility with are public libraries, coffee shops, and clubs like the Boys and Girls Club of Madison.  

“These new access points in combination with Eduroam membership helps to further close the digital divide and make it ever easier for students and faculty to connect to provide or access Madison College educational resources and experiences,” Billing said.